Kubecon 2023: <br> Architecting Futures
By Teyza Ponce

Kubecon 2023:
Architecting Futures

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America took place this November in the City of Chicago to close the year 2023 in the best way. The event managed to gather thousands of enthusiasts under an agenda of Kubernetes and Cloud Native and its different edges: Security, Observability, Service Mesh, Storage, Orchestration, Community, Diversity and Inclusion. Precisely, one of the notable keynotes was “United In The Cloud: Where Inclusion ‘Winds’ Around The World” led by Nikhita Raghunath and with the participation of inclusion representatives from different groups such as Divya Mohan from India, the nation that contributes more to Cloud Native Open Source, Akihiro Suda who received the award for Top Committer by the CNCF; Carolina Valencia, representing the Latino community and Destiny O’Connor, Tech Evangelist who works with deaf people.

 Between the Hill and the Harbor:    Community Over Code 2023
By Teyza Ponce

Between the Hill and the Harbor: Community Over Code 2023

Between the Hill and the Harbor: Community Over Code 2023 The conference known as “Apache Con” changed its name, but not its essence. The currently called Community Over Code successfully culminated after a long day of sessions dedicated to the enrichment of both Open Source and the communities that nurture it every day. The location that welcomed around 250 contributors, developers and users in this final stretch of the year was Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia, a city located in the east of the second largest country in the world, Canada.

Airflow Summit: <br> A worldwide community flowing together in Toronto
By Abdullahi Ayantayo

Airflow Summit:
A worldwide community flowing together in Toronto

The highly anticipated Apache Airflow Summit in Toronto 2023 exceeded all expectations. This Summit marked a significant milestone as the first global in-person gathering of Apache Airflow enthusiasts since its inception by Airbnb in 2014. Spanning three full days, the event featured a robust lineup of approximately a hundred sessions making it a knowledge-packed networking experience. Marc Lamberti highlighted the first day by presenting “What Everybody Ought to Know About Airflow” followed by “Demystifying Apache Airflow: Separating Facts from Fiction” by Uma Ramadoss and Shubham Mehta from Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Beam Summit 2023:<br> Bringing more sparkle to the shining City of New York
By Clowder Space Team

Beam Summit 2023:
Bringing more sparkle to the shining City of New York

< The Apache Beam community gathered this summer both in the bustling city of New York and during the virtual component for all of those who couldn’t attend in person. Beam Summit 2023 surpassed all expectations and delivered an unforgettable experience. From captivating presentations to engaging discussions, this event proved to be an exceptional platform for knowledge exchange and networking. Pier 57, the physical venue, set in the heart of New York City, provided the attendees with iconic landmarks; views to the Little Island and the Hudson River.

KubeCon Europe 2023:<br> IT Community blooming in Amsterdam
By Teyza Ponce

KubeCon Europe 2023:
IT Community blooming in Amsterdam

KubeCon Europe 2023: IT community flourishing in Amsterdam Keeping a community growing requires perseverance and conviction, especially when it comes to such a particular segment as those interested in information technology and software development. For such specific topics, specialized spaces are needed where not only products and updates are presented, but also to generate conversation and interaction among participants. The recent KubeCon Europe 2023 in the Netherlands is the perfect example of how to generate dynamics among the IT community so that it continues to flourish.