The Open Source Contributors Summit (CCOSS) has been held for 4 consecutive years, this fifth edition was collocated with the first Kubernetes Community Day (KCD) in Mexico and communities not only from Mexico and Latin America, but from other parts of the world, gathered at the CUCEA of the University of Guadalajara, the capital of Guadalajara, to share their knowledge and experiences around Open Source and Cloud Native technologies, but also to enjoy tacos and tequila.

The audience of more than 300 attendees was composed of professionals and students interested in an agenda that covered the tracks of fundamentals, DevOps, community, Open Source contributions, tools, practices and case studies of Cloud Native technologies as well as workshops around security issues, observability, among others.

The Keynotes:

Whitney Lee and Lewis Denham-Parry represented a fun scenario in which they raised the levels of security while explaining Cloud Native Security concepts such as identity management, container image scanning and signing, policy creation and enforcement, runtime security and secrets management.

Rich Bowen captured in a presentation full of creative pictures and insights the different steps to get involved in an Open Source project where you have to deal beyond the code, with human beings who, almost always, have divided opinions. Rich explained how it is possible to manage it and gain the trust of the community.

Ramiro Berrelleza presented why Kubernetes is the platform for platforms, and in another session he addressed different questions about why people should contribute to Open Source, what are the challenges but above all the benefits of making contributions.

The sponsors also presented some of the solutions they offer, Oscar García López from Digital Challengers showed a comprehensive view of how CNCF has become a crucial enabler for effective orchestration of artificial intelligence applications, Luis Veledíaz shared SUSE’s portfolio of open source solutions that are used by customers globally. Federico González Waite gave an introduction to Mexico’s digital transformation, Kai Hoffman from Civo delved into how they provide Kubernetes clusters and Miguel Sánchez Villafán from Oracle showed a syntax for SQL.

There was also an exhibition floor where foundations, communities and companies in search of talent were in contact with the participants, generating a networking space for attendees.

Sessions and workshops

Speakers both local and from different countries came to Guadalajara to share their knowledge with the community. Among the list were, for example, Manuel Gil from Colombia, Alvaro Soto from Chile, Daniel Minor from Canada, from the United States, Casey Wylie and Audra Montenegro, Community Program Manager of the global KCD program at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) who presented the different ways to participate in the foundation and pointed out the very special occasion of having gathered 7 ambassadors in a KCD: Edith Pucla, Cristher Castro, Angel Ramirez, Victor Morales, Rodolfo Martinez, Jose Flores and Whitney Lee.

“KCD Mexico was a community-success! Filled with open source topics Inside and out of Cloud Native projects (co-located to the Open Source Contributor Summit #CCOSS) - it was great to see many communities come together from inside and out of Mexico”. - Audra Montenegro

Workshops on contributing to Open Source projects and the Cloud Native ecosystem were held during the second day and were given by Jesús Lerma, Adlair Cerecedo-Mendez, Miguel Bernal, Oscar García, Sandino Araico, Maxime Chambreuil, David Espejo, Andrés Almiray, Octavio Alvarez and Alejandro Mercado.

CCOSS-KCD Guadalajara 2024 not only met expectations in terms of content, but also brought together various cultures and, in the words of Angel Ramirez:

“This event was a reminder of the incredible potential that lies within Latin America. We are more than neighbors; we are a united community with the power to drive change, innovation, and growth”.

We are confident that the following editions of CCOSS will be equally enriching for the community and that this is just the beginning of a sequence of KCDs in different regions of Mexico inspired by the learning of Cloud Native technologies and Open Source contributions.

Teyza Ponce