Talk Project Speaker(s) Recording Date
A Practitioner's View of Beam Apache Beam Byron Ellis September 22, 2022
Multi-cluster Istio Mesh - Complex or Piece of Cake? Istio Laszlo Bence Nagy August 25, 2022
Building a gRPC application in Ballerina gRPC Danesh Kuruppu August 23, 2022
Using Plugins for Webserver Apache Airflow Faizan Qazi August 17, 2022
You probably DON'T need a Service Mesh Istio Abdel Sghiouar July 28, 2022
Vcluster is optimizing for multi tenant knative clusters Knative Ishan Khare July 27, 2022
System Subjugation gRPC Preeti Sharma July 26, 2022
Alluxio as an Open Source Project Data Lake Management Bin Fan July 21, 2022
Program to be announced Apache Beam TBD July 18, 2022
Running Local Multi-cluster install Istio Mudit Agarwal June 23, 2022
Configuring gRPC probes with the latest versions of Kubernetes gRPC Sergey Kanzhelev June 21, 2022
Stateful processing of clickstream events using Apache Beam Apache Beam Jainik Vora June 16, 2022
Airflow + Selenium: the perfect toolkit for web scraping Apache Airflow Alvaro Avila June 15, 2022
Missed IstioCon? Catch up on key takeaways! Istio Lin Sun May 26, 2022
Performance Testing gRPC services gRPC Mostafa Moradian May 24, 2022
Airflow Summit 2022 Apache Airflow May 23, 2022
The Ins and Outs of gRPC and Akka Serverless gRPC Jeremy Pollock April 26, 2022
Istio Con 2022 Istio April 25, 2022
CDAP Events in Near Real Time CDAP Alfonso Vidal & Alberto Rubio April 22, 2022
Using Apache Beam with numba on GPUs Apache Beam Ning Kang April 21, 2022
You don’t need an orchestrator Apache Airflow Benoit Pimpaud April 20, 2022
Serverless Spark: ETL, data science, and exploration Data Lake Management Aravind Srinivasan March 31, 2022
My blog is running on Istio Istio Krisztian Fekete March 24, 2022
The magic of knative In and Event Driven Application Knative Gabriel Freites March 23, 2022
gRPC in Dotnet, Python and Golang machine learning system gRPC Mauro Bennici March 22, 2022
Typescript with Apache Beam Apache Beam Kerry Donny-Clark & Robert Bradshaw March 17, 2022
Data Migration Pipeline with Apache Airflow Apache Airflow Sameer Shukla March 16, 2022
Beam College 2022 Apache Beam March 16, 2022
Scaling Istio in Large Clusters by Auto-Generating Sidecars Istio Cathal Conroy February 24, 2022
Fast iteration on Knative applications using Tilt Knative Evan Anderson February 23, 2022
Grpc connection gRPC Ali Hassan February 22, 2022
Data parsing with Apache Beam Apache Beam Ferran Fernández February 17, 2022
Happy DAGs + Happier Teammates: How a little CICD can go a long way Apache Airflow Leah Cole February 16, 2022
Migrating Airbnb to Istio Istio Edie Yang & Ying Zhu November 18, 2021
Knative November/ What's new with Knative? Knative Ville Aikas November 17, 2021
Building an streaming cloud production data pipeline with Apache Beam Apache Beam Esteban Maya November 16, 2021
gRPC November Meetup/ gRPC integration and its applications in Hive Metastore gRPC Zhou Fang November 16, 2021
Introduction to Dataplex, an intelligent data fabric to power analytics at scale. Data Lake Management Prajakta Damle November 16, 2021
Overview of Beam SQL Apache Beam Ning Kang November 9, 2021
Hive Metastore on a Cloud Native Database (Spanner) Data Lake Management Yunus Durmus November 4, 2021
Service Mesh Encryption using Istio Istio Vishal Arora October 28, 2021
gRPC October Community Meetup/ Supercharge your Ingress with Kong gRPC Viktor Gamov October 26, 2021
Knative October Meetup/ Slice your business into functions and events by Maciej Swiderski Knative Maciej Swiderski October 22, 2021
CDAP 6.5 Update & Roadmap CDAP Chaitanya (Chai) Pydimukkala October 14, 2021
CDAP use case from Fis Global/Worldpay CDAP Eleni Ntagka, Shameem Gafoor & Usman Bashir October 14, 2021
The Future of Microbial Genomics with Apache Airflow Apache Airflow Elijah Scheele October 7, 2021
gRPC integration and its application in Hive Metastore Data Lake Management Zhou Fang September 30, 2021
gRPC September Meetup/Replacing a homegrown gRPC-like framework with the real thing gRPC E Zamudio September 28, 2021
Istio September Meetup/ How Istio bring excellent observability to HP Istio John Zheng & Lisa Xu September 23, 2021
Knative September Meetup/ Simplifying Microservice deployments with Kyma Knative Suman Chakraborty September 22, 2021
Istio August Meetup/ Istio Multicluster for Zero Downtime Migration Istio Zufar Dhiyaulhaq August 26, 2021
Knative August Meetup/ Simplify Knative Eventing integrations using TriggerMesh Language Knative Antoine Cotten August 25, 2021
gRPC August Meetup/ Using gRPC Gloo Mesh gRPC Lin Sun August 24, 2021
Istio July Meetup/ Istio as a HyperMesh: Distributed Responsibility, Centralised Control Istio Abdul Munim & Md Zannatul Ferdous July 29, 2021
Knative July Meetup/ Service level objectives and progressive rollouts for Knative applications Knative Srinivasan Parthasarathy July 28, 2021
gRPC July Meetup/ How to configure Istio to support your gRPC web applications gRPC Casey Wylie July 27, 2021
Topic: Using Java transforms in a multi-language Python pipeline Apache Beam Chamikara Jayalath June 23, 2021
Topic: Windows from open to close Apache Beam Iñigo San Jose June 16, 2021
Topic: Dataflow templates Apache Beam Alex Kosolapov, Ilya Kozrev & Artur Khanin June 9, 2021
Automating Ideas with Airflow Apache Airflow Yesi Diaz April 29, 2021
My Journey as a new Committer Apache Airflow Ephraim Anerobi April 29, 2021
How Major League Baseball is using DataFusion to Modernize Data Movement CDAP Charles Nixon March 3, 2021
Feature speaker, LiveRamp CDAP Sagar Batchu January 21, 2021
CDAP, What is coming for 2021 and beyond CDAP Sree Raman January 21, 2021
CDAP Intro and strategy CDAP Chaitanya (Chai) Pydimukkala January 21, 2021