The Apache Beam community gathered this summer both in the bustling city of New York and during the virtual component for all of those who couldn’t attend in person.

Beam Summit 2023 surpassed all expectations and delivered an unforgettable experience. From captivating presentations to engaging discussions, this event proved to be an exceptional platform for knowledge exchange and networking.

Pier 57, the physical venue, set in the heart of New York City, provided the attendees with iconic landmarks; views to the Little Island and the Hudson River.

One of the most interesting sessions was the Founders Panel, with the participation of Kenn Knowles, Reuven Lax, and Robert Bradshaw, where people were able to learn firsthand, from the Beam experts about the creation of Beam and what were the issues they wanted to solve when it was created.

At the Community Discussion, the attendees participated in questions about the Future of Beam and resolved doubts amongst each other as a true community does!

Beam Summit 2023 also included interactive workshops and hands-on demonstrations. These sessions provided attendees with practical knowledge and an opportunity to explore examples of data orchestration while discussing the benefits of using Beam as a tool to solve data handling issues. The interactive nature of the workshops and use cases fostered a sense of active involvement rather than passive listening, allowing a deeper understanding and facilitating collaborative learning, thus growing the Beam community.

The networking opportunities at Beam Summit 2023 engaged conversations between fellow attendees and speakers. The good news, if you weren’t able to join either the virtual or in-person Beam Summit, is that all the recordings and slides from every session will be available on the Apache Beam YouTube Channel very soon, stay tuned!