Aravind Srinivasan

Customer Engineer, Data & Analytics Specialist at Google

Aravind Srinivasan has more than a decade of experience in the Big Data space since the early days of Apache Hadoop. He has worn several hats as part of engineering, product, and technical field teams in both big data startups and large tech companies (Yahoo, SAP, and now Google). His wide ranging expertise spans across various tools in the Big Data and cloud stack. He is also a published O’Reilly author.

Aravind is currently a part of the Dataproc Engineering team in Google cloud. Dataproc is a fully managed and highly scalable service for running Apache Spark, Presto, and 30+ open source tools and frameworks. In his role, Aravind is responsible for driving some of the open source charter of Dataproc as well as priority customer engagements.

Demo Title and demo description: Serverless Spark: ETL, data science, and exploration In this talk and demo, we will cover Dataproc Serverless. It’s also known as Spark Serverless, a tool to help you spend less time managing Spark infrastructure, and more time focusing on your Spark workloads. Dip your toes into industry‚Äôs first autoscaling Serverless Spark, integrated with the best of Google Cloud. Run and write spark where you need it across all use-cases: ETL, data science, and exploration.

Sessions by Aravind Srinivasan